The Long Way Home, 

the second book in the Henry Whiskers series is now available to order! Here’s a little preview:

When a benevolent chef catches Henry and Jeremy in the royal kitchens of Windsor Castle, they are given the heave ho into the wilds of Windsor Great Park with nothing but a mysterious map to help them find their way home in this fast-paced follow up to The Adventures of Henry Whiskers.

Young Henry knows he’s found something BIG when he discovers a crinkly old map in the dollhouse library, complete with a giant X to mark a spot. But before he can show it to his best friend Jeremy, trouble descends on them and they land in their biggest adventure ever. How will they survive the great outdoors and find their way home to Queen Mary’s Dollhouse in Windsor Castle?



A charming series reminiscent of Beverly Cleary’s Ralph the mouse series, the Borrowers series and The Cricket in Times Square. . . .The books are on-point for lower middle-grade readers.
— Jessica, Cracking the Cover
Young readers aged 7 to 10 should have lots of fun reading about Henry’s world and traveling along with him and Jeremy.
— Cindy Hudson, Mother Daughter Book Club