Book One & Book Two Curriculum Guide


  • Common Core Standards
  • Discussion Questions
  • Sequencing Story Events
  • Making Connections
  • Creative Activities
  • Writing Exercises
  • And more!


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Additional Discussion Themes & Questions


  • What does it mean to be loyal?
  • Can you be loyal to an idea? A person?
  • Which characters demonstrate this quality and how?
  • Have you ever shown your loyalty to someone/something? Give some examples.

Courage & Heroism

  • Has Henry always been a brave mouse? How does he change throughout the story? What evidence can you find to support your theory?
  • Who else demonstrates courage in the story and how?
  • Describe a time when you had to be brave. What happened? Did you surprise yourself?

Integrity, Honesty & Being True to Yourself

  • Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions and the choices we make can say a lot about us. Sometimes we need help making hard decisions.
  • What are some of the difficult decisions that young Henry Whiskers is faced with?
  • What choices does he have?
  • How does he decide what to do and what do his choices say about him?
  • What would happen if he made different choices?
  • Describe a time when you’ve had to make a difficult choice and what it felt like.
  • Did you have help deciding what to do? How did it turn out?

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

  • What does this saying mean?
  • How does it apply to this story?
  • Do any characters break the pattern and if so who and how? Did it take courage to break the pattern?
  • Can you think of a real life example that demonstrates this saying?
  • What happens when we “judge a book by its cover?” Have you experienced this in any way? What happened? How did you feel? What could have worked out differently? Give examples.

Hopes & Dreams

  • Even a young mouse can have hopes and dreams. What are Henry’s?
  • What clues can you find that suggest his aspirations?
  • Does he achieve any of these in the story and if so how?
  • What are some of your hopes, dreams, passions or aspirations?

Self Expression

  • How does Mother Mouse encourage her children to express themselves?
  • What are other ways that a mouse might express him/herself?
    • Note: This is a great opportunity to differentiate between what someone wants to express and how they express it.
  • How do you express yourself? What can we learn from these examples?